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Chiropractic Care

Your brain controls everything your body does—consciously or unconsciously—right down to the cells. It does this through messages sent through the nervous system, which includes the spinal cord and nerves. If something interferes with this flow of communication, various symptoms like pain and other health issues may arise.

Often, misalignments in the spine cause nervous system interference, producing stress and tension to be stored in the nervous system. Chiropractors locate these areas of stress and use their hands or special instruments to restore proper communication and relieve the tension.

Our Approach

At Surpass Chiropractic, we offer neurologically based care, which means we are focused on your nerves and nervous system and on keeping these communication channels open and moving freely. Dr. Landon specializes in care for pregnant women and kids, including newborns. Using a variety of gentle, safe adjusting techniques, he helps practice members with a wide range of conditions, such as

  • Pregnancy pain
  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Constipation
  • Developmental delays
  • Latching problems
  • Sleep issues

Our Techniques

Our techniques are gentle enough for use even on newborns! Dr. Landon is a certified Pediatric Chiropractor through The Pediatric Experience, and is certified in Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. In addition, he offers the following adjusting methods:

  • Torque Release Technique® (TRT®)
  • Thompson Drop
  • MC2 Technique
  • Upper Cervical

Closeup of activator adjustment

Tailored Adjustments

Dr. Landon tailors care to each person’s specific needs and will often combine elements of different adjusting methods to best address your situation. His goal is to correct the underlying cause of your condition so you can function at your highest level.

Your adjustments will vary from visit to visit, as Dr. Landon uses all the tools and techniques at his disposal to adjust you uniquely for what your body needs, and based on how you are responding to care.

Pure Chiropractic

We do not offer any other services in our office. We refer to a network of trusted providers when our practice members can benefit from other types of care.

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